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Vital Energy Viscoelastic

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Vital Energy Viscoelástica Ergocheck

What is Viscoelastic?

Viscoelastic is a type of material that forms part of the Vital Energy Range. Its main characteristic is its incredible adaptability and flexibility.

The Viscoelastic System is highly beneficial for sleeping and resting since the body adapts perfectly to the surface when laying down so that all the muscles are in a relaxed state.

How Viscoelastic helps

This type of material ensures that a very high percentage of the body is supported on the same surface, thus reducing muscle tension and blood pressure so that our rest is much more effective and re-energizing.

Vital Energy has also developed a system called Ergocheck, thanks to which the pressure points of the body of each individual user are balanced, with the weight of each person being evenly distributed. This helps avoid physical discomfort and relieves all the muscular problems caused by the tension and stress accumulated throughout the day.

This type of Viscoelastic material in the structural composition of the Vital Energy range improves health and prevents postural problems.

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