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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

Tourmaline in Vital Energy

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Tourmaline | Gemotherapy | Magnet-Therapy

Vital Energy cansancio y estrés CERO

Zero Fatigue and Stress

Tourmaline is a Natural Mineral with tremendous electro-energetic properties. This is why it is used for its many health benefits, such as eliminating fatigue and stress thanks to its constant emission of the negative ions, also called Happy Ions, which influence our neural and muscular system positively.

Vital Energy equilibrio organismo

Body Balance

Tourmaline is very closely linked to the alternative treatment and stimulation of our body's energies, commonly known as the Chakras. Thanks to the properties of this Natural Mineral we can balance this energy and cleanse our cells, as well as recover the vitality lost during the course of the day.

Vital Energy mejora psicológica

Mood and depression

All these emissions of different types of energy released by Tourmaline have beneficial effects on our psyche, revitalizing the neural connections and causing an increase in the production of those substances in the body that generate feelings of pleasure and appease our nervous system.

Vital Energy alivia dolores

Direct action on ailments

Thanks to all the different particles and energies that Tourmaline releases, we can experience improvement in and the relief of physical ailments. The magnetic and infrared fields constantly emitted to the points of specific pathologies or symptoms contribute to our entire system functioning optimally.

Vital Energy range with all the revitalizing properties of the Tourmaline




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Certified Tourmaline Range

The entire Vital Energy range holds different Certificates issued by the principal and most prestigious International Organisms that accredit the veracity of the Therapeutic Properties and their quality.

That is why vital Energy is not just a special range of bedding products because of its natural or structural composition, but also has uniquely beneficial properties that demonstrate how its continued use is positive for achieving a much more efficient and healthy sleep.

Vital Energy Turmalina Certificada
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