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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

Bienfaits sur la santé de Vital Energy

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Tourmaline | Gemotherapy | Magnet-Therapy

Vital Energy Turmalina


The Vital Energy range has a system of natural fabrics composed of Natural Mineral microcapsules, like Tourmaline, which give it Therapeutic and Energetic Properties that are highly beneficial for different physical and mental ailments. Gemotherapy is one of the alternative medicines used since ancient times for improving well-being.

Vital Energy iOnes

Happy ion emissions

The natural fabrics which form the entire Vital Energy range preserve the specific properties of each one of its elements. The emission of negative ions, also called "happy ions", is generated thanks to the natural minerals that produce them and helps in palliating muscular and mood disorders.

Vital Energy Descanso

ZERO fatigue and stress

Vital Energy is the best therapy for achieving optimum and efficient rest and sleep. The organic composition of all its materials are designed to achieve the total recovery of the vital energy consumed during the day. Its different Intelligent Systems and Natural Properties achieve a concrete reaction which, together, generate a feeling of well-being and ZERO stress.

Vital Energy Fase REM

Improves REM phase

In addition, the Vital Energy range has a special system that adapts to the ergonomics of each user, the Ergocheck System. Thanks to the viscoelastic fabric which forms its surface, our positions when lying down are balanced owing to the weight distribution of our body’s different pressure points, achieving a better rest and optimization of the REM phase.

Vital Energy range with all the revitalizing properties of the Tourmaline




lumbar cushion

Proven therapeutic health benefits

The entire Vital Energy range is designed for optimum and efficient rest when sleeping. As such, the disposition of each element within its structure acquires a very important role in ensuring that its therapeutic properties act on our body to recuperate all the vital energy consumed during the day.

Its Ergocheck system, its Gemotherapy Properties, its infrared emission and negative Ions as well as the possibility of combining these with Magnetotherapy, make Vital Energy much more than just a range of Bedding Products.

Vital Energy reparto de presión corporal
Vital Energy información

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