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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

Happy ion emission

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Vital Energy emisión de iOnes

Negative iOns

We are surrounded by energy, and within that energy are negative Ions.

Although its name implies the exact opposite, this type of Ion is very beneficial to our environment and, above all, to our health. That is why they are also known as Happy Ions.

The main health benefits of this type of energy is based on its eliminating those substances that are harmful to the body and its capacity to help our nervous system maintain balanced levels of serotonin.

How Vital Energy emits Negative Ions

The microcapsules of the Natural Mineral Tourmaline, present in the fibres of the Vital Balance fabric range, cause it to emit Ions of this type throughout our sleeping process.

This is how we are able to completely revitalize both our nervous and our motor systems, continually benefiting from the positive properties that they have on our body.

That is why Vital Energy manages to generate a continuous sensation of well-being, a positive attitude and that of feeling rested after its continuous use, contributing the following benefits to our daily life:

1. We relax more easily.

2. Stress and anxiety are eliminated.

3. We have fewer allergies.

4. Our memory improves.

5. Our mind is clearer.

6. Our digestive system functions better.

7. Our respiratory system functions better.

8. Our physical and mental performance increases.

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