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Magneto therapy with Vital Energy

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Vital Energy Magnetoterapia

What is Magneto therapy?

The Vital Energy Range stands out for its different therapeutic benefits that serve to help and contribute to improving the health of all its users. Therefore, Vital Energy has a System of adapters to benefit from Magnetotherapy.

This type of alternative therapy treatments based on the application of magnets on certain points and key areas of our body that are affected by some kind of disease or pain. Thanks to the natural biomagnetic characteristics of magnets, we achieve that, by the energy that they give off, dissipate the feeling of discomfort and correct the nervous and / or muscular problems of the user, also helping to balance the body's pH.

How Magnetotherapy helps us?

Magnetotherapy is the alternative medicine that has fewer risks and contraindications for the user, while the benefits that we obtain thanks to it are numerous.

The use of natural biomagnetic waves of magnetized materials promotes the accelerated regeneration of bone tissue. This contributes, in turn, to the tissues eliminating more quickly the toxic substances, getting better and more efficiently oxygenated. That is why this type of alternative therapy is highly recommended for people with bone problems.

Magneto therapy also helps our bloodstream to improve its density, causing the ionized substances to move in solution that are part of our blood. This helps to achieve optimal blood pressure by increasing the circulation of our vessels and, therefore, improving the irrigation through veins and arteries to body tissues.

Through Magnetotherapy we also achieve a better oxygenation of our cells, which means that the health of our cells increases very significantly.

It also highlights the benefits of magnetotherapy its analgesic effect against ailments and diseases. The continuous biomagnetic load that is applied on the affected area causes a nervous and muscular relaxation that contributes to the decrease of the feeling of pain.

For all this and more, Magnetotherapy is a very important part of the benefits that the Vital Energy Range offers each user to improve the health of the body and mind during rest.

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