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Improvement in the REM sleep phase

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Vital Energy Fase REM

Improved REM sleep phase

Vital Energy helps you rest because it is designed to ensure your sleep is optimal. For this reason, the design and technology employed focuses on improving the REM phase of the sleep process.

Its Ergocheck System, as well as the emission of Negative and Infrared Ions that we receive when using the Vital Energy range, balances our Body System and generates a sensation of complete rest and ZERO stress.

What is the REM phase?

The REM sleep phase is the most important stage we go through when sleeping. In this phase, our heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster, irregular and shallower, the Muscle System goes into complete rest and blood pressure increases.

All this happens because our dreams develop in this phase of sleep, which translates into involuntary learning while the most important Substances of our Organism are replenished and our receptors are restored.

Vital Energy helps to avoid any changes during this phase, collaborating with the correct functioning of our Cognitive and Motor System in order to recover all the vital energy lost and achieve a full awakening, without any fatigue or discomfort, thus contributing to our body’s well-being and keeping our health in balance.

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