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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

Health benefits

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Vital Energy beneficios para la salud

The health benefits of Vital Energy

Vital Energy's range of bedding products are made using natural textiles composed of a series of carefully selected materials that generate a host of both physical and mental health benefits when relaxing and sleeping.

This is why Vital Energy’s products provide therapeutic benefits that make them extremely special in contributing towards an improvement in any type of ailment or physical discomfort as well as producing the sensation of having had a really profound and satisfying sleep.

What are the health benefits?

Toumaline, This important natural mineral forming the composition of the structural fabric of the Vital Energy range, possesses unique therapeutic properties that are highly beneficial to different health areas.

The release of Negative Ions, known as Happy Ions, helps combat and alleviate physical and mental health problems and ailments. Their Infrared System stimulates the generation of substances in our body while we rest, helping balance and recharge the vital energy lost during the day, thus contributing to the relaxation of our heart and nervous system, improving oxygenation of our cells so that our blood circulation works more efficiently.

The results are that, due to the continued use of the Vital Energy range, users have a greater sense of well-being owing to the improvement of the body's general mood, as well as a decrease in muscular ailments, discomfort and stress. Without a doubt, Intelligent rest improves our health and therefore our quality of life.

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