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Tourmaline | Gemotherapy | Magnet-Therapy

Vital Energy gemoterapia

What is Gemotherapy

Gemotherapy is classified as an alternative medicine that is based on the use of the energies generated by different types of natural minerals to positively influence our physical and mental well-being.

Natural Minerals emit different types of energy that are easily detectable with the necessary instruments. Many of these emissions, mostly formed by Ions and magnetic energy, are considered beneficial stimulators for certain treatments.

How can Gemotherapy help us?

The microencapsulation of Natural Minerals in Vital Energy’s fabric range has been devised through the careful selection of gemstones and stones chosen for their specific properties. The combination of these properties are what our bodies benefit from when we sleep.

Vital Energy holds the Certificate that certifies that, owing to the Natural Minerals like Tourmaline in the composition of the range, negatives ions, also called Happy Ions, are generated during our sleep. This helps our Nervous System to relax, alleviates certain ailments caused by stress or muscular tension and generates a pleasant feeling of ZERO fatigue thanks to its active infrared energy.

The natural energies of the minerals are closely linked to the chakras. Therefore, each mineral is recommended in the treatment of a specific point of our organism in relation to the characteristics that, in the case of Vital Energy, have been selected to obtain specific benefits in favour of a healthy sleep.

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