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Ergocheck System

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Vital Energy Sistema Ergocheck

What is the Ergocheck System?

The Ergocheck System is a system with which the Vital Energy range has improved the adaptation of structural materials to the body.

This system helps efficiently organize and balance the pressure points of our body, adapting each fabric of the mattress’s surface, topper or pillow to our body in a personalized way. The natural viscoelastic fibres in the Vital Energy range have special properties that adapt and mould themselves to the physiognomy of each user, achieving a much better and more beneficial sleep.

How does our Ergocheck system help?

This System helps improve our REM sleep phase by balancing the body pressure on the surface we lay on, ensuring that all the body’s different pressure points are supported on the one surface.

The REM phase is the most important sleep phase. The REM phase is what we depend on to recover all the vital energy consumed during the day. Blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, body and brain temperature, and oxygen consumption have similar levels in the REM phase to wakefulness. That is why it is absolutely necessary to have a comfortable and efficient bed in which all our body’s pressure points are supported and so achieve a greater sensation of rest.

Each of us has different pressure points. Thanks to the Ergocheck System, the fabric adapts to the bodies of each individual person, so each person always achieves the best possible sleep.

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