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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

Vital Energy characteristics

smart therapeutic mattress

Tourmaline | Gemotherapy | Magnet-Therapy

Vital Energy Turmalina


The range with mineral properties that, thanks to its micro-encapsulated Tourmaline cell fabric, make it ideal for Gemotherapy and Magnetotherapy treatments.

Vital Energy Viscoelastica Ergocheck


The range with the special Ergocheck system for better distribution of body pressure points when sleeping thanks to the highly adaptable and flexible properties of Viscoelastic

Vital Energy Colchón Terapeútico

Therapeutic Mattress

Its minerals system and the diverse materials chosen to form part of its natural fibre structure, make the Vital Energy range a whole new generation of therapeutic products.

Vital Energy tejido 3D

3D Fabric

All the natural fabrics of the Vital Energy range are devised using a breathable fibre system where the fibres are arranged in 3D to generate constant thermoregulation in order to achieve the optimum body temperature when resting and sleeping.

Vital Energy range with all the revitalizing properties of the Tourmaline




lumbar cushion

Different layers of fabric for each unique property

The entire Vital Energy range is designed for optimum and efficient rest and sleep. Therefore, the disposition of each element within its structure acquires a very important role in ensuring that its therapeutic properties act with our body to recover all the vital energy consumed throughout the day.

The 10 different layers enclose a Hi-PUR core of 32kh/m3 density, giving a depth of 27cm (+-1) to achieve optimum comfort with each movement when lying down.

Vital Energy composición capas
Vital Energy información

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