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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

ZERO fatigue and stress

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Vital Energy cansancio y estrés CERO

Relax and avoid Stress

The Vital Energy Range is designed to enhance the benefits of different natural techniques and properties of the fibres that form the fabric of the selected materials. This is why its use guarantees an optimal and effective rest, generating a feeling of ZERO stress.

This is achieved by the structural composition of the entire Vital Energy range, as each element performs a determined function when we sleep, so that both body and mind acquire the correct balance for producing the best sleep.

How to achieve ZERO Fatigue and Stress

For the users of the Vital Energy range, sleep is not the same as rest. For this reason, they know that the special composition of the materials used to manufacture each bedding product encompasses a series of determined properties and forms part of its own structural micro-system.

For example, thanks to the Tourmaline Microencapsulation System, the emission of Happy Ions influences our organism both physically and psychically, alleviating muscular ailments caused by stress and the activity we are subjected to on a daily basis.

The Ergocheck System, on the other hand, helps the circulatory and corporal balance of our bodies, thanks to the even distribution of the pressure poins in each movement we make when we are lying down.

All these factors are why our sensation of having a comfortable and relaxing rest generates the emission of certain substances in our organism which make us feel good in a very positive way, contributing to a general improvement in our health and the recovery of the vital energy we have consumed during the day.

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