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Vital Energy Colchón terapéutico

Vital Energy 3D tissue

smart therapeutic mattress

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Vital Energy Tejido 3D

What is 3D fabric

The entire Vital Energy range is composed of Natural 3D Fabric. The main characteristic of this fabric is the layout of the fibres that shape it, these being placed perpendicularly in geometric diagonals creating micropores between them.

Thanks to this 3D Fabric System, the fibres are not all clustered together, ensuring that there is always an empty space for air circulation. This generates better and greater ventilation of the mattress, topper, pillow or duvet core without the structure losing any of its consistency or firmness.

Why 3D fabric is better

As you can imagine, 3D Fabric allows you to multiply that sensation of well-being after each night’s sleep, also assuring optimal body temperature when using Vital Energy.

This is important because during the REM phase, the body undergoes a series of physical and neural activities that should develope without any variations if we are to achieve an optimal and effective sleep.

Vital Energy's 3D Fabric ensures that our body temperature and the environment we sleep in are ideal for remaining asleep and completing the sleep cycle to awaken and feel fully rested, with ZERO stress.

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